A commissioned piece of furniture has distinct advantages:-

  • It is unique and incorporates the client’s ideas.
  • It will fit the purpose better than an “off the shelf” piece.
  • There is a choice of materials and design variations specifically uniting the vision of the client with the knowledge and skills of the maker.
  • The design can be tuned to suit the client’s budget.

Once the decision to commission a piece has been taken the client and maker discuss the requirements in detail.

While face to face discussions have advantages I have successfully manufactured many pieces where a design brief has been developed by telephone, email and post.

This initial communication is invaluable in building an effective understanding between maker and client.

Once the initial brief is completed, drawings and/or a model will be produced and once approved by the client, the manufacturing process can commence.

To discuss your furniture design or manufacture requirements please contact Stuart McKinven Furniture on 07986 055907 or use our CONTACT FORM to provide details of your enquiry.

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